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The following sites meet your search requirements...

1. My lil corner of an SCA Universe

2. Great Northeastern War

3. Clan Blackwolf

4. Heartland Keep


6. The Barony of Westermark

7. Barnoy of Norhtkeeps Homepage

8. The Incipient Canton of Vulcan's Forge

9. oakHeart

10. The Shire of Polderslot Website

11. Canton of Akornebir Chatelaine Website

12. House RisingMoon

13. Castle Chivalrous

14. Dragon Scale Apparel

15. The Early Days of the SCA

16. Shire of Gryphon's Lair

17. Historia Viva

18. Shire Of Ramsgaard

19. Kingdom of the Outlands


21. The Company of the Bronze Ring

22. House Dracawyn

23. Middle Kingdom Disabilities

24. The College of Val d'Azure - SCA Branch of the Middle Kingdom

25. To Temper Might with Mercy

26. The Dragon Scale Consort

27. Ede's SCA Page

28. Sword Maiden : A Resource for Women Fighters in the SCA

29. Oasis of the Moon

30. The Shire of Salt Keep

31. ?rnhalla

32. Bad Hair Life

33. Rabbit's Foot Meadery - Mead for the SCA by Master Fionn

34. Crown Barony of the Bridge, EK, SCA

35. Bravewolf's Den

36. de Vieuxchamps

37. Shire of Alcazar

38. Everild's poetry page

39. The SCA Without Breaking the Bank

40. Chrysagon's

41. Modar's Heraldry

42. Barony of Thescorre

43. Icefalcon Armory

44. TherionArms World Antique and Fine Reproduction Arms & Armor

45. Torvaldr's Leatherworks

46. Briana's Clothing Page

47. Titanium... SCA Combat Armour

48. A Place For All Things Pre-1066

49. Get Medieval

50. SeventhArrow: Traditional Archery Resources

51. House Blackrune

52. House IronStar

53. Canton of Weldlake

54. The Knights Next Door: Everyday People Living Middle Ages Dreams

55. Sir Blackhand

56. A Quest for the Perfect Sword: Chivalry Steel

57. House Ravenglass

58. Estrella War DVD

59. SCA Auctions


61. Herbhome and Wyrmhill

62. The Brothers Rogue

63. Hopitallers of St. John of Caid

64. The Barony of Stromgard

65. Mystic Ravyn

66. Spaniards in the SCA

67. Shadow of the Wolf

68. Campbell's Unique Editions

69. Armor

70. Celtic Trims

71. La Gazza Pazza

72. Skorri's Picture Pages

73. Mevanwy de Courtecadeno: Persona pages, SCA, Medieval Studies and Links, Kingdom of Calontir, Barony of Three Rivers, greyhounds

74. Gifts From Atlantis

75. Modar University

76. Madrone Equestrian Guild

77. Odds 'n' Sods for Re-enactors

78. Barony of Northwoods

79. Conal's Corner

80. Odds 'n' Sods - For Re-enactors

81. medieval reenactment SCA & Renaissance Fair House ID Washington

82. All SCA and Medieval Subjects

83. Talbot's Fine Accessories

84. Icefalcon Armory

85. Thunders Keep

86. Clan Nightwolf

87. Khevron's Heraldrydiculous

88. Dark Knight Armoury

89. House Valbrendur

90. StahlGilde Shop of Armour

91. Black Lotus Clan (SCA Household )"黒睡蓮氏(Kuro-no hasu-shi)

92. Shire of Cloondara

93. House De Tyre webpage

94. SCA Barony of Southron Gaard

95. Kegs End Home Page

96. SCA: Clan MacFarlane

97. Peerage in the SCA (West Kingdom)

98. Fearghus' Homepage

99. Ironrose: Warrior Women of the SCA

100. The College of Rencester

101. House Barra

102. Dark Victory Armory

103. Lindenwood Online

104. Royal Genealogy of the SCA

105. SCA Heraldry

106. Precedents of the SCA College of Arms

107. Shire of Castlemere

108. The Shire of Sol Haven

109. Wilthain's SCA Homepage

110. Shire Storm home page

111. Red Mara's SCA Page

112. Shire of the Wastelands

113. Darach Shire - Caid

114. House Scarlett Phoenix

115. The Village of Elfyngaard

116. Mountain Freehold

117. Barony of Winter's Gate

118. The Lair of the Tadhg

119. McPhaddin Keep

120. Owl's Reste

121. SCA Brew Historic Brewing Page

122. Province of Silver Desert - SCA

123. Official Silverquill Page

124. Ealdormere Scribes

125. Mysticus

126. New Zealand SCA Index

127. Shire of the Storm

128. Silverwing's Laws

129. Tony B.'s Web Page

130. Legio VI Victrix pia Fidelis

131. Early SCA pictures and other stuff

132. - The SCA People Finder

133. DarkHeart Armoury

134. Armour Archive

135. Don Njall Olaf Hagerson's S.C.A. Library

136. The HUSPAGE

137. SCA Merchants Listing

138. Bacchus Wood Website

139. The Company of St Anne

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