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The following sites meet your search requirements...

1. Heart of Valhalla

2. SCA Auctions

3. Hourglass Costumes

4. owner

5. La Gazza Pazza

6. Designs by Kate

7. Skorri's Picture Pages

8. YaTaHai Beads & Buckskin

9. Kandlwyck Clothiers

10. Mirror of Time

11. Odds 'n' Sods for Re-enactors

12. Odds 'n' Sods - For Re-enactors

13. Historic Enterprises, Inc.

14. Black Swan Designs

15. Tidbits Trinkets

16. The Reenactment Fanatic

17. Talbot's Fine Accessories

18. Dark Knight Armoury

19. The GoldenDwarf

20. Fayre Wear Medieval Garb

21. Reconstructing History
22. Moore's Primitives

23. Gryphon's Moon

24. SCA: Clan MacFarlane

25. Wardrobes of the Knowne World Unlock'd

26. Thorny Rose

27. Fashions In Time

28. Tempus Peregrinator's Weeb Site

29. The Real Landsknechte Homepage

30. 16th and 17th Century Clothing: The Renaissance Tailor

31. Celtic Cultures, Purveyors of items Celtic and Historical

32. Books on Costuming

33. Battlefield Creations

34. Thora's Viking Resources

35. Abigail's Arts

36. ThwackUgh

37. Anastacia's Garb and Pavilions

38. Ancient Threads

39. Angevin Treasures

40. House of Knightshade

41. Clothing in 16th Century Venice

42. ALK Costuming

43. Dragon Scale Apparel

44. Medieval Miscellany

45. House Dracawyn

46. Ede's Links Page

47. Custom Heraldic Designs

48. GreyCat Designs Renaissance Garb

49. Garb the World - Reasonably Priced Historical Clothing

50. Trinkets, Trappings and Trouble

51. The Grand Design Workshop

52. Custom Cloaks

53. Silverthorne Armoury

54. Briana's Clothing Page

55. A Place For All Things Pre-1066

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