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The following sites meet your search requirements...

1. The Kings Lance


3. Swords of Honor

4. Rogar's Forge

5. Licata Custom Knives & Armor

6. Draccyning's Keep

7. Roman Legion Quartermaster

8. The Steel Source

9. Dragon Scale Apparel

10. Chivalry Today

11. Sword Maiden : A Resource for Women Fighters in the SCA

12. Viking Leathercrafts

13. New England School of Metalwork

14. Saxon Squire Arms

15. Icefalcon Armory

16. TherionArms World Antique and Fine Reproduction Arms & Armor

17. Welded Chainmail

18. Torvaldr's Leatherworks

19. Saint Eligius Armoury

20. Titanium... SCA Combat Armour

21. Performance Armour

22. A Quest for the Perfect Sword: Chivalry Steel

23. Promise Land Ranch

24. Dragon Bone

25. Quality Low Cost Armor

26. Thak the Blacksmith & Armourer-Learn to make armour- Ontario, Canada

27. Apocalypse Creations

28. Armor

29. MKArmory - Makers of Fine Rapiers, Longswords, and Helms

30. The Steel Source

31. Knights Armoury

32. Valhalla Armoury

33. Welded Chainmail


35. Medieval Knights Weapons and Armor

36. The Lonely Mountain Forge

37. Swords of Honor Armory

38. Historic Enterprises, Inc.

39. Nwyvre WeaveWyrks

40. Fantasy Outpost

41. All SCA and Medieval Subjects

42. Museum Replicas

43. Talbot's Fine Accessories

44. Icefalcon Armory

45. Thunders Keep

46. Pitbull Armory

47. Swords

48. Dark Knight Armoury

49. The GoldenDwarf

50. Arthur's Armory Medieval Gear

51. Armour and Warriors of the Silk Road

52. Archery and the Eurasian Warrior Nobleman

53. Jewish Warriors

54. Warrior Women

55. The Hammered Wombat

56. Cynaguan Marshallate Homepage

57. Wise Ogre Armory

58. Legio IX Hispana

59. Making Women's Armor

60. Ironrose: Warrior Women of the SCA

61. Dark Victory Armory

62. A Steppe Society

63. Calontir Online Armorial

64. Maille and Armour page

65. Battlefield Creations

66. Anshelm Arms and Armor

67. Swords and Armor

68. Medieval Archery Alive and Well

69. The Shire of far Reaches

70. DarkHeart Armoury

71. Armour Archive

72. The Ring Lord - Chain Mail

73. SCA Merchants Listing

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