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  • All fields are case-insensitive, so don't worry about that.
  • All fields allow partial terms to be entered. For example, if you entered 'ARMOR' in the keyword box, any sites with keywords such as 'armor' or 'armorer' or 'armor repair' or 'armory', etc. would come up.
  • The engine will find sites which match ALL the criteria you enter, so only enter what you need to.


Keywords allow you to narrow sites down by specialty. by typing a word, a portion of a word, or a word phrase in the box provided, the engine will look for all sites whose keywords or Title include the information you typed in the KEYWORDS box. It is not case-sensitive.

By default, if you type in multiple words in the KEYWORDS box, it takes those words as a phrase, and searches for that phrase. For eaxmple, if you type LEG ARMOR in the keyword box, you will get all sites back who made, as a keyword or in their Title, the phrase 'Leg Armor', but NOT those with separate keywords 'Leg' and 'Armor'...

If you want to hunt for sites using several words, place a plus(+) sign before each significant word or word phrase. The engine will look for sites which contain each term in any order.


Enter a City, State, or Country in these boxes to narrow your search. Not all boxes need to be filled out. If you enter a City but no state or country, the engine will look for all cities containing the text you entered, no matter where they are.


Like LOCALE (MUNDANE) above, but used for SCA chapters and Kingdoms.


This drop-down list allows you to specify only certain categories of sites be included in your search.


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